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Lookbook: Bump!

8:00 AM

What I'm Wearing
J Crew Schoolboy Blazer - I love the schoolboy blazer and love that it comes in so many styles and colors.  The Tipped Linen blazer is gorgeous.
SheInside Dress (worn as top) - They have so many cute dresses now, similar in a different pattern and super cute.  I love this yellow one for the spring!
Aritzia Skirt - similar at ASOS.
Chloe Mini Marcie Bag
t+j Designs Pearl and Crystal Cluster Necklace

Hello there baby bump! :)  As I mentioned last week, I'm still getting used to this new body of mine and am trying to embrace my bump.  I'm still able to hide it when I wear pants but thought I'd give it a little spotlight in this pencil skirt.  I've always been very conscious of my belly as I've never been one with flat washboard abs but I'm getting used to the idea of being able to show off my bump and not feel totally chubby.  I'm sure things will change when I'll no longer be able to hide it at all and then I really will just embrace it and be proud of it!  It's getting there!  My husband has been very kind to the belly and loves my bump which makes me feel better.  Pregnancy brings on so many changes but nobody can prepare you for the way your body will change and how you will feel about it.  I've not been a stranger to body image issues and to have this change to my body has forced me to change my mindset about gaining weight and such.  It's a tough little journey but the most important thing is that baby is healthy and I'm happy to report that everything is going well so far and I'm so thankful for that.

Thanks so much to those of you that gave me some great tips on maternity style on my last post.  It was also nice to hear that some of you felt the same way during your pregnancy, it helps to know that I'm not the only one!
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  1. you look so cute!! Congratulations!

    Birth of a fashion Blogger

  2. Cute outfit! I can imagine that it's hard to adjust to a changing body shape - especially in such a short period of time. With your keen fashion style, you're going to make pregnancy look SO fabulous and chic!

  3. such an amazing look! love the dress worn as a top :)


  4. adorable! you look so wonderful. adjusting to the bump is a lot of fun. i found trying out styles i wouldn't have thought of before but with a bump, it sure was liberating! :)

    xo P

  5. tiff you look gorgeous! and eeps i'm so happy to see your little bump.. J's a good man i'm happy to hear he's treating you and your little bump so well and you deserve nothing less!! ahhh i can't tell you how excited i am for you!!! congrats again hon :)!

  6. Too gosh darn cute!!!! Embrace it, you look more than lovely! :)

  7. You look so cute with your little baby bump!!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  8. cute baby bump!


  9. Yay for accepting and loving your bump and so glad your hubs is so supportive!!!!

  10. You are too cute!!! Love that your baby bump is starting to show! :)

  11. Love that you are embracing your sweet baby bump. So cute. =)


  12. Once again, congrats! You are looking so stylish with your baby bump, and did I mention glowing too? :)

    - Christine

  13. This is a great look, and you are looking beautiful. You are just glowing. Again congratulations!

  14. I've struggled with body image issues and never had a perfectly flat stomach, even at my most fit and healthy. That said, I felt VERY sexy while I was pregnant. Once my baby bump started to show, I embraced my curves and felt hot! I guess part of it was the notion that my "normal" belly was concealed with the baby bump, but pregnancy also just gave me a new perspective of my body.

    Congratulations and good luck! You look beautiful here by the way!


  15. Congrats Dear. :) Indeed you are looking more beautiful and blooming. :)


  16. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  17. You look amazing!!! Such a fashionable mama!

    Haute Child in the City

  18. You have the cutest baby bump:)
    Love your blouse


  19. You look beautiful and glowing Tiffany. Every women would like to look this beautiful while with a child. xoxo


  20. I've always really liked your blog until now. However, what on earth does Kraft Dressing have to do with this post? It seems like a way to get a compensated post in that has nothing to do with your usual content (fashion, jewerly, make-up, etc). You are not the first blogger I've seen do this in the past couple months, and I am getting so disillusioned with blogs in general.

    I'm kind of disappointed with this. It makes you seem like a sell-out.

    1. Hi there. I want to address your concerns as I do think they are valid and understandable. Here is my point of view. I'm a small business owner and yes, I'm making money off my business but a BIG portion of it goes back into the business to help it grow. Thus, I need an additional income. I'm lucky enough that my blog can provide me that additional income and so my two choices are either, go out and get a part time job - and not blog at all because then I would have absolutely no time to blog (thus you would not be reading any of this), or continue to blog and share my life with my readers while being able to grow my business. My business is my dream and my career, bloggging is not a career for me and I never intend to be a full time blogger. I know a lot of people HATE when bloggers make money for "just blogging" but that's how the blogging world is these days and yes I am part of it. While I do get compensated for some posts, I try to only take on sponsors that will allow me to write content that is relevant. The content above is all about my life right now and my insecurities about being pregnant, yet all you see is the mention of Kraft at the bottom. All my posts that are sponsored have the button on the top that mentions it is sponsored, I invite you to skip those posts if these kinds of things disappoint you.

      I will always be "me" on my blog regardless of my sponsors and I hope that my readers will be able to still see that regardless if I'm being paid or not.

  21. I enjoyed looking at the SheInside site and loved their shorts. Such a nice selection, and not the same-ole-same-ole. I particularly liked the painted stars and some of the florals, particularly these: http://www.sheinside.com/Yellow-Black-Mid-Waist-Floral-Shorts-p-136456-cat-1740.html

    Thanks for blogging. I enjoy what you share.



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