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7:20 AM

Life has been super crazy lately and so posting on the blog will be sporadic but I'm still here and wanted to say hi!  Just an update and sharing photos from my instagram.  If you don't follow me yet, you can follow me here!
Cherishing the moments of being able to take long walks with our dogs.  (I'm almost 23 weeks here but I'm 24 weeks now!).  Wearing a Forever 21 Dress

Last week was a bit tough for me because of the pregnancy.  Even though I still don't look very pregnant (you should see the surprised looks I get all the time when people find out I'm 6 months pregnant).  The weight that I have gained has all gone to my boobs and my belly and all that weight in front is killing my back.  Sleep has been tough, sitting on the couch has been tough, walking has been tough, etc... and I've been a little unhappy about it all.  My super sweet husband has been giving me daily massages and putting up with my sh*t and he also got me a little gift to cheer me up.  I love the bow clutch that he picked out for me.  I just love that he went shopping on his own and picked it out for me as I've never even seen or mentioned this clutch to him before but when I saw it, it was so me, and I love that he knows that about me.  It doubles as a crossbody and has a bow print that you can see on the back.

I had a really great weekend celebrating mother's day with my mom.  Being pregnant has really made me appreciate everything that my mom has done for me and I'm so glad to be so close by and be able to see her whenever I want!

Our business is really taking off, so much so that we got a new office and are in the process of moving!  It's such exciting times to see our little business turn into everything we've envisioned (I mean we are not there quite yet but in less than 2 years, we've had amazing growth.) and having a team of people work for us.  We're also growing so rapidly that we've just hired two more people on our shipping team along with the merchandising intern that my sister is hiring.  Such crazy fun times and I'm loving every minute of it!
Some new bracelets we added to our collection:  Chain Bangle | Pave Bracelet | Enamel Bracelet

We added watches to our designs and I LOVE them!!  The Gold Link & Tortoise watch is my favorite and is selling like crazy.  The colored watches will be on our site in a little bit.  We are still perfecting a few things with the designs on those but get excited because they will be gorgeous!
And then, my husband and I bought a house!  We just closed yesterday and am so in love with our new home.  It's so us and will be perfect for when the baby is here.  So now along with the move for the new office, I have to move our old house into our new house which is quite a daunting task especially because oh yeah, I'm 6 months pregnant and will be 7 months by the time we move everything all in.  Yikes!  So all in all, it's quite an exciting few months for us and I'm sure will be for the next few months and then before I know it the baby will be here.  I'm actually more scared for that part than anything else!  LOL!  I hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. cute photos :)


  2. those sandals are so cute!
    love them
    kisses from Milano

  3. A lot of congratulations are in order for you :) Keep on soldiering on mama - it'll all be worth it when you see your baby girl's face & get to hold her! :)

  4. AAAAWWW I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly less back pain. The hubs is super sweet and supportive.

    I am beyond geeked for T+J Designs. This is super cool! I am wishing yall even more success and growth. I am planning on expanding my team too right now. have an amazing vision of growth =)

    congrats on the house.

  5. OMG congrats on the new house!!! So many changes lately, congratulations on them all! and 6 months already. Crazy. At least you only have 3 months left! Pregnancy doesn't last forever :)

  6. WOW! Massive congratulations on your baby, the business and securing your new house! :D xx

  7. Congrats! So many exciting things for you!

  8. WOW girl!! You are one busy woman! That is SO exciting that your company is doing so well. I'm a fan. Hope you get feeling better & that the massages keep on coming.:)

  9. You look great! Congrats on the new home and success with you business :) I love T+J designs and you guys deserve all the success in the world! Can't wait to see pics of the new house.


  10. You look great! That dress is so pretty and I am lovviinngg your arm candy!

  11. Tiff you look fantastic, and the back pain - have you gotten those pillows that you can put your legs up when you're lying down? it helped me tremendously with both pregnancies with back pain. xo

    hope you have a great weekend! xo

    phiphi's blog

  12. You look so cute in the F21 dress! Sorry about all the uncomfortable-ness of the pregnancy. Glad you have a loving husband who showers you with massages, love, and cute gifts :). Congrats on the company moving offices and you guys buying a house!!!!!

  13. So many great news Tiffany, pregnency, business and private life wise. Iam happy for you, you always inspire me and I look up to you as an example of person who gives example how to persue dreams. If you have a second please visit my blog to check my new post, I would love to hear your thoughts. xoxo


  14. OMG congrats on the house purchase!! That's CRAZY EXCITING!!



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