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Lookbook: Baby Bump Stripes

7:00 AM

What I'm Wearing
Forever 21 dress - this little dress is quickly becoming a favorite!  It's a nice thicker material that holds up really well and looks a lot more expensive than it was.  Plus I've found that drop waists are great for baby bumps as it fits perfectly over your tummy but the cute little flare at the skirt part gives you a cute shape.  Similar but thicker stripes.  I also recently got this checkerboard dress that's super cute on too.
J Crew Schoolboy Blazer - a classic that will always get lots of wear in my closet.  So cute, love the schoolboy blazer in polka dots! Plus it's on sale and get 30% off sale items with code SUMMERTIME.
Christian Louboutin New Simple pumps - always a favorite during the warmer months.  My yellow pumps tend to get a lot of play especially with less colorful outfits.
Chloe Mini Marcie - also in a few other colors here.  In love with the cashmere grey.

If you follow me on instagram my bump probably seems much bigger in those pictures.  I'm actually about a month behind on lookbooks so if you want to follow my bump in "real time" follow me here :)  I'm officially 7 months today!

I haven't bought too many clothes since my bump appeared as I just don't know what's going to fit. I'm trying to work with what I have in my closet but Forever 21 dresses have been great as they are cheap enough that I don't feel bad about buying them and potentially not fitting into them after the baby is here.

My sister threw me a baby shower this weekend and I had such a great time!  It was Hello Kitty themed and one of my friends handmade the adorable Hello Kitty candy favors!  Everything was pink and adorable.  I feel so lucky to have such great family and friends, thanks to those of you that came and Jen for putting it all together!

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  1. What a cute combo! You look totally adorable, congratulations on your 7th month! I can totally imagine all the cuteness going on at the shower, Jen sure know what you like, such a great sister!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. you look so great in stripes with your bump! :) love your yellow shoes.

  3. Beautiful and love this entire combo.

  4. Adorable baby shower! & I'm in love with that blazer... so cute!

  5. awww your baby shower theme is so cute! Glad you had fun :)

    I didn't buy anything maternity when I was pregnant. To me it just seemed like a waste when I was pregnant in the summer and could get away with maxi dresses and flowy pieces.

    You're looking gorgeous btw :) Cannot wait to see the little one (if you will share her pic on here I mean)

  6. Love all of this! The stripes, the yellow shoes, the jewels, the blazer, the bag....:)


  7. that's what forever 21 is for! :]

  8. Hello from one preggo Blogger to another! I posted a youtube video and a blog post about 2 weeks ago about not spending the money on maternity wear! I also have other preggo fashion tips, so feel free to stop by and take a gander! Forever21 has been kind to me too! I'm due July 9th, so I'm officially 9 months! Yikes! I will for sure follow you on instagram and will follow this lovely blog. You are cute as a button! xoxo

  9. I'm seriously obsessed with everything about this. Everything about this is perfect and I want every single thing here hahaha!




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