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Bumpdate: Almost There

7:30 AM

Every time someone asks me how I'm feeling these days I have no response except for "almost there".  That's how hopeful I am to have this baby before my due date.  :)  In actuality I still have over a month to go (this bumpdate is lil behind, I'm 34 weeks now!) but I'm at the point of being tired of being tired and uncomfortable all the time.

Good things to report:
Belly button is still an innie (hoping it will stay that way!)
No stretch marks

Not so good things:
Gaining 1lb a week - which is a good thing pregnancy wise - it's a not so fun thing when I see my face and body get rounder and rounder by the second.
I can't paint my toenails anymore.
This is how I walk

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  1. HAHAHA that gif made me LOL. You are looking like a gorgeous mommy-to-be. Like you said, you're almost there!


  2. girl you still look amazing! and staying on trend all the while... :)

  3. I love te updates and photos are awesome to compare. WOW, you look great.

    Sorry about the toenails :S One month and you can paint them again... OR, an excuse to get a pedi!! ;)

    I also like how this is a short and sweet bump update, but real with some cool facts (pros & cons). LIKE LIKE LIKE. Can't believe you're pregnant!!!

    PS - hope all is well in the new house!! :)

  4. you are almost there and you look great :) and lol at the penguin walking.

    Try not to focus too much on your due date. When I was pregnant, I was told that first time moms are usually late and have long labours. So I prepared myself to be at least one week overdue. It helped me mentally not get too stressed and enjoy the last days before baby (u know there's less sleep when baby comes ;) Imagine my surprise when my baby arrived 5 days early, after a quick 4 hour labour which I managed without any drugs.

    You never know when labour will start and how long it will last. For me it was best to prepare myself for the "average" and be surprised by earlier and faster :D

  5. But you still look amazing! Not to mention your style is still perfect. Maybe your husband can help you with your toes now :P Can't wait to see pictures of your little bundle of joy :)

    -Priya xoxo

  6. you look GREAT! so excited for you two :)

  7. You look totally adorable even more adorable than that cute little penguin! Do not worry about gaining any weight or your face looking certain weight, you look amazingly happy and this baby growing in you is gonna be all worth it!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  8. I have been loving looking at your style during pregnancy... Absolutely gorgeous xx

  9. You are so gorgeous, Tiffany! Hope you get to have this baby girl SOON!

  10. The last few weeks is the WORST! Just carrying around all that extra weight in front and not being able to sleep properly, and being so ROUND. it sucks. But at least you still look fabulous, and I'm so jealous because around 30+ weeks I was looking SO much more bloated/rounder than you. And it's almost over, pregnancy isn't forever so hang in there! :)



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