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I'm an Amazon addict, I stopped going to Target once I joined Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping!) and just buy almost all my household stuff from there.  It's just so convenient and I don't waste money buying all the extra crap that I would when I go to Target.  I don't know why it took me so long but I just starting shopping on their daily deal site, MyHabit and am now hooked!

I saw they were having a sale on the Foley + Corinna Mid City Totes which I'm a big fan of.  They just hold everything, are really versatile and I love that you can hold it like a clutch, a tote or crossbody.  I've had mine for over 5 years now and I still use it a lot.  It's originally $395 and they have it for $166 which is an awesome deal!  I'm trying to decide between this pretty blush color or the light neutral bag, both of which I don't have any bags in these colors but I think they are great neutrals to add to my late summer and fall outfits.

They're also currently having a sale on Vintage Chanel jewelry!  I love love vintage Chanel and wish I could add more to my collection.

This one is sold out but isn't it gorgeous?
Anyway, just had to share since I know you all love shopping (and good deals) as much as I do!   You can sign up to shop below, just click through and enter your email address!

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  1. i looove vintage chanel and that bag on the lefthand side! such great picks, it's hard not to shop when these flash sites have such great deals.

  2. I love having Amazon Prime! It's also awesome that MyHabit has free fast shipping just like Amazon. Most of those deal sites have such painfully slow pricey shipping!

  3. Please get the blush - it's soo dreamy!

  4. I love MyHabit! I love the fast, free shipping too, like Carolyn mentioned above. I'm pretty spoiled and have unrealistic expectations on shipping time, thanks to Amazon Prime.
    p.s. you should get the blush! it would look so great with camel this fall!

    xx, julie



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