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Charles Phillip Smoking Slippers

7:30 AM

OK so I had to share my latest obsession with you all.  I was shopping around for new flats a few months ago and came across these very cute smoking slippers from Charles Phillip.  When I got them, I swear I wore them for a week straight!  They are the comfiest things ever and so I went out and got 2 more pairs!  I was just checking for new styles last night and loved all the new prints and patterns.  My pink pair are still available here on sale, the other two have sold out.

Some of my favorite of the new patterns...

And their new tassel loafers are just as cute!

Seriously with the price point being under $200 they are some of the best flats that I've owned and I think I'm going to keep on collecting them!

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  1. oooh the anchor ones! and the chevron!!! and the tassels! stop, this post is WAY too much trouble for me! :)

  2. Wow these are adorable! I'm infatuated with the idea of slippers but not really sure how they'd fit with my wardrobe or look on my feet. I love the tiny print on the anchor ones though. Look forward to seeing pics of you styling them (:


  3. I'm loving the flannel with the metallic tweed tassel...but you better not be lying when you say they are really comfortable for over $150 bucks for a pair of flats!




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