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Designer Shoe Pre-sale

7:00 AM

It's my favorite time of year again!  Designer Shoe sale time!

I went to Nordstrom and did my pre-sale yesterday.  Here's what I got or tried on...


the leopard ones are on sale too!

Click through to see more...



Update: my SA just told me that these would not be on sale :(

And here are more styles that I tried on or I know for sure that are going to go on sale!

The discount varies from brand but will be 30%-40% off.  Most brands will go on sale 11/27 and Chanel, Dior and Louboutin will not go on sale until 12/4. 

If you need a great sales associate, email me and I'll give you the info for mine, he hunts down everything for me in my size and is awesome!  Otherwise, go to Salon Shoes at Nordstrom and ask if you can do a pre-sale!  Basically how it works is that you find the shoes that you want and then on the day of the sale they'll charge your card and send them to you (or you can pick them up at the store.)  You can always go to the store the day of the sale but pre-sale is best because you'll for sure get your size and styles that you want!

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  2. How amazing is that! Too bad that we don't have that over here in Europe. It's really hard to find designer shoes with a decent discount.
    I love the Jimmy Choo Lumina's and the Valentino metal heel pump in red and in nude. Do you already know what you are going to buy?

    X Sara


  3. Those Jimmy Choos are just beautiful!



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