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iPhone #OOTD

7:00 AM

Being a new mommy and owning your own business is, to say the least, A LOT of work.  I don't get a maternity leave and so it's been a bit tough taking care of a newborn and making sure that my business is not only running but continuing to grow.  Thank goodness for my sister who's done so much and of course my parents and my in laws.  I love what I do and wouldn't change it for the world, maternity leave or not.  I get to be with my daughter and do what I love every day so I can't complain.  Anyway, as you can tell, my blog has taken a back seat and so has lookbook photos but I still like to occasionally take snaps of my accessories and outfits via my iPhone so thought I'd share!

ASOS Sweater (it's got heart elbow patches!) | Rag & Bone jeans | Chanel heels

Twinsies with my intern! 

Rag & Bone jacket | ASOS Sweater | t+j Designs Necklace

Bow rings | Snake ringStackable Rings
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  1. That sweater, I dreeeeeam about that Chanel no.5 inspired sweater, is the cutest thing ever!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. I always adore your outfits!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. I LOVEEE that new snake ring! I still have trouble measuring my fingers for midi rings though :(

  4. Your baby is such a cutie pie, I don't blame you for wanting to spend all your time with her! But you look SO cute as always - all of your jewelry and clothes are to die for, Tiffany! :)

  5. I totally understand being a busy, business owner + mom! My babe is now 5 months and things are a lot easier than when he was a newborn :) I love your arm candy, always.

  6. Way to be super-mom!! You're an inspiration and love your accessories

    - zozo

  7. The work-life balance as a Mom is crazy; I can only imagine how much more crazy when you own your own business! You totally rock mama!



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