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After Christmas Shopping Haul!

7:00 AM

After all my Christmas shopping was done I took advantage of all the sales and got myself some fun stuff!  Wanted to share while they were still online as I love everything I got!

I already have the heart elbow patch sweater but thought I needed the red one for the holidays :)  I always need stripes in my closet and love the added detail of the fun shaped elbow patches.  It's funny because I own only a few regular jeans, all my jeans are colored or printed.  I liked these Chevron jeans on the photo online so tried them out.  When I got them I was a bit iffy but after I put them on, I was sold.  I like that it's a bit more subtle than my other printed jeans and the fit is perfect.


Right now I don't wear dresses as often as I'd like to.  As a nursing mom I'm always trying to figure out what to wear that I can nurse in easily so most dresses are out of the picture.  But my husband and I do still try to have date nights without the baby often so that's when I can pull out my dresses.  I love the drop hem and the color of the one on the left and the black and white stripes is too cute, I can layer a sweater over the top to make it look like it's just a skirt.
 ASOS dressSheInside Dress

A little bit of bling always gets me!  I love these for every day wear and they are super cheap with J Crew's additional 40% off sale items!
 J Crew tees

The heart sweater is actually a crop sweater which I wasn't expecting when I ordered it and I'm not usually one for crop anything but it actually is pretty cute with a white tee underneath.  The gold LOVE sweater is a new favorite. 

Another printed blouse to add to my closet but I do love heart prints so I couldn't resist.  It's a great top to layer underneath a sweater and just have the collar pop out.  The faux leather skirt is really cute on, it kind of flares out.  I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so I can at least wear it out with tights!

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  1. Oh such cute thingies! You always find the cutest items, so in love with that burgundy hearts sweater! Can't wait to see how you style these!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. Oh you shopped some great things! I love all skirts and dresses and off course that burgundy heart sweater!

    X Sara

  3. Such cute things!! What color did you get in that Asos drop-waist dress? Is that the "purple"? On the site it looks more burgundy. Thanks!!

  4. yes it's the purple, not sure why the color is so off in their photo! http://www.iamstyle-ish.com/2014/01/after-christmas-shopping-haul.html

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. is the fit of the sheinside dress true to size? there seems to be bad reviews about the site overall. what are your thoughts?

    1. I got the dress in a size Medium as I've found their dresses to run small and I'm happy with the fit. For reference I'm typically a size XS in all other brands.

      Quality on the dress - the skirt part is really great quality, the fabric is nice and thick and I like the way it fits. The top part has a leather lining that is not very even and makes it look cheap. It's pretty much how SheInside goes - it's a hit or miss. All the tops I got in a small and they all fit fine. My issues with SheInside is usually the stitching (either crooked or just not sewn well) but with tops/sweaters it's been better than dresses and jackets.

      It's definitely not the best quality but for the price it lines up to "you get what you pay for", know what I mean?

    2. Thanks for the info =)


  7. Nice haul! All those sweaters are too cute!




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