Clinique Smart Event @ Nordstrom Bellevue

 I had posted over on tiff+jen about the Clinique & Vogue event and just wanted to post a recap as I went on Saturday and it was a blast!  

I have to admit, what drew me in was the custom sketch by Brooke Hagel of Brooklit, I found her etsy shop awhile back and have admired her fashion illustrations.  I always wanted one of myself so jumped at the chance when I saw that she would be sketching at this event.  The event was at Nordstrom Bellevue so I brought my daughter as Bellevue is much more family friendly (to manuever a stroller downtown is not hard but it’s annoying.) and even she had a blast at the event!

I got set up with my Clinque Specialist, Ronee, who was so great and chose some great products for me.  She asked me a few questions to figure out my skin type and any other concerns that I have.
She then walked me through the products that she would be using for me and how they target my skin concerns.  She used the purifying cleansing brush on me to remove my makeup and I have to say that I really loved it.  I’ve been a clarisonic user for about 5 years now so I haven’t thought about using anything else however, this one has a oval shaped head and an angled tip so it can really get to the areas like the corners of your nose for a deep clean.  It’s definitely something I’m going to look into if I ever have to replace my clarisonic.

I had the rest of my skincare and makeup applied and I was super happy with the look.  She wrote down the list of products that were used and this is what I ended up buying.

Repairwear Laser Focus – this is for the fine lines that I’m getting around my eyes.  I really like that its a lightweight and doesn’t dry out my skin like some wrinkle creams/lotions that I’ve used before.  
Lid Smoothie – I have the oiliest eyelids and constantly get creasing in my eyeshadow by mid day.  I use primers to help with that but asked Ronee what she recommended.  She used this on my eyes and I really loved the color and that I could layer shadow over it.  I checked my eyes at the end of the day and no creasing!  That’s basically a miracle in my book as I never have a day where my eyeshadow doesn’t crease. I am going to have to get this in the other colors.
Liquid Facial Soap – I’ve been needing a new facial cleanser so trying this one out but so far so good, it doesn’t dry out my skin and I love that it comes in a pump.  It works well with my clarisonic too.
Always a sucker for a free gift, I got these goodies with my purchase over $50. They also added the chubby stick and the nail polish for spending over $75, so nice!
Onto the most fabulous part!  I had come to the event with my friend Yvonne and we couldn’t wait to get our custom illustrations.  There was a bit of a wait but after lunch we snagged a spot and Brooke started sketching away!  
It was really neat as they set up a photobooth area and they took a photo on Brooke’s phone and she would then sketch your photo from the picture on her phone.  She let us sit down and take photos and be all around annoying by asking her a million questions while she sketched. 🙂  She did the sketches in about 10 minutes and voila!  Here I am as a fashion illustration. 

Yvonne’s sketch showed off her adorable baby bump.  We are entirely too happy about our sketches.  LOL!  We were sad because we couldn’t take the sketches home but they will be printing them onto cell phone cases for us which is very cool.  I can’t wait to get mine!


A couple more goodies from the event – the Vogue September Issue (yay! it’s so big!) and some photobooth pics with Yvonne and the sweet ladies from Clinique, and Brooke’s business card, with her fabulous illustration!

Thank you so much to the Clinque team for being so nice and even helping watch Layla while I was busy, she absolutely loved the attention she got from everyone!

Brooke mentioned that she would be going to a few more cities so check her blog or her instagram for more details.

*Not a sponsored post, I just went, had a great time and wanted to write about it!

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