3 Ways to Wear Bold Lips

The trickiest part about bold lip colors is just getting the confidence to be comfortable wearing them. Here’s 3 ways to wear bold lips so that you’ll always be looking fabulous! Yes, you’ll leave lipstick stains on your cups and likely have to touch-up midday, but they are so worth the trouble. Nothing brightens your face as much as the perfect shade of lipstick, so take the time to find the right shade and build your makeup look for the day around it.

3 ways to wear bold lips
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When you’re wearing any kind of pink lip color, embrace the doll-like look and play it up with thick lashes and porcelain skin. You want the makeup to be sophisticated, not too girly, so stick to matte colors and make sure your lip color is crisp and evenly lined before stepping out the door!
3 tips to wear a bold lip

Any unconventional lip color like purples or oranges will be harder to wear, but keeping the look polished with well-groomed brows and great skin sets a good base for the trendy look.

How to wear a bold lip
The key to working with reds, whether they’re dark burgundies or classic siren reds, is all about ensuring that there is no redness anywhere else on the face. Illuminated, fresh under-eyes are also important, so stick to yellow based concealers. Finish with an accent of shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes.
3 tips to wear red lips

Final Tips for Wearing Bold Lips:

  • Run a q-tip dipped in translucent powder around the edges of the lips to prevent bleeding throughout the day.
  • Use a nude lip liner instead of a colored lip liner so that when your lip color wears off you don’t have a ring of color around your lips.
  • Blue toned lip colors make teeth look whiter.
  • When in doubt, stick to matte colors instead of shimmer, which can look more juvenile.

What are some of your favorite bold lip colors?

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