Altuzarra for target: my picks and review

I was in Chicago for most of last week and when I got back I saw an ad about the Altuzarra for Target collection so after my husband and I grabbed breakfast, I stopped in to check it out.  I had seen the trench coat and boots in the commercials which is what I went to look for but of course, after talking to a sales person, she told me that those were the first to go and people had been in line already in the morning.  I still was able to find some cute pieces so thought I’d share with you guys!

The blouses caught my eye as I love button up blouses.  I own so many but they are so easy for me to wear dressed up or down.  I wanted to like the silky one on the left but I didn’t love the flow of it.  Most of my silky blouses flow really nicely on the body and tucked in but because this was most likely a poly blend it ended up being a bit stiff and stuck to my waist in weird ways and especially tucked in, it wasn’t the best look.  The striped shirt on the right did end up coming home with me as I loved the fit and the contrasting cuffs.   The quality is great, very soft and lightweight.   I’m wearing a size small in both blouses.

I’m not usually one for these kinds of sweaters but I liked the shoulder embellishments.  On me though, it wasn’t the best look I felt like it overwhelmed me and the sweater overall was a bit big.  The embroidery detail is very well done and really pretty.  I’m wearing a size small but probably could have sized down.

The python blouse is one of my favorites!  The fit is super cute with the shoulder puff sleeves and the pretty bow that you can leave untied as well.  This one came home with me.  It definitely looks more expensive than it is. The black and white blouse on the right is similar but I didn’t love this one as much.  I felt like the material was stiffer and showed wrinkles much more.  It also didn’t have any special details that I loved that I felt like all the other pieces had.  Wearing a size small in both of these.

I don’t have many blouses like this one but I just loved the embroidery and sequin detail.  I thought it would be cute paired with my faux leather leggings and boots so I brought it home to try on with the full outfit.  I’m wearing the XS here as the top is a bit more flowy and I didn’t want to look like I was swimming in it.
This dress was super pretty and I feel like I have nowhere to wear it to but I bought it anyway.  I was so happy to find a maxi dress that fit me lengthwise!  The photo on the left I’m on my tip toes and on the right is wearing flats so you can see it’s a little long but not too bad and definitely will fit without alterations when I’m in heels.  The material is really nice, it’s like a thick silky material and I think is perfect for the fall and winter.  I’m wearing a size 2 and the fit is perfect in the bust and waist.  I also like that it’s not too low cut as I’ve found dresses like this can sometimes be a bit more revealing.

This dress is the only one that I truly did not like but it was mainly the fit.  I don’t like the hem lengths that hit exactly between the knee and the ankle.  It’s just not a good look for my short legs.  The detailing is really pretty on this dress and I think it would be super cute on someone taller. On the model, the dress is above her knee.  HA! Just shows you how short I am (or how tall she is).  I wanted to show you the dots and the sequins as it is a pretty dress, just the cut is not for me.  Wearing the size 2.

Here are the items I couldn’t find at my Target and are sold out online, I’m hoping to maybe snag a return at a Target store if I can!

Did you guys get anything? Any of you lucky enough to snag the boots? I’d love to know if those are worth tracking down!

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  • Estephanie Pimentel
    September 18, 2014 at 3:06 am

    great review !
    I purchased the satin floral maxi dress..which you're right! I am not even sure when I will wear it LOL but I bought it anyways 😉
    I also purchased the python print tee ! Overall it is a very nice collection.


  • Olga Pazilova
    September 19, 2014 at 7:03 am

    I was able to get very last one trench coat, and I LOVE it. Very happy with it. I also bought boots, but ended up returning then. There are plenty of them still left in my local store.

  • MizzJ
    September 21, 2014 at 1:25 am

    That maxi dress is so pretty! I think now that you have it, you'll find an excuse to go somewhere to wear it 😉