Golden Tote Review

I was browsing online and came upon the Golden Tote which is a site where you purchase a tote and get 2-3 items for $49 or 5-7 items for $149.  It’s a little different than subscription boxes where everything is a surprise as you get to choose at least some items in your tote.  I chose the $149 option where I got to pick 2 items and the rest of the tote would be a surprise.

My review is a little late so all my items are more summer-y styles.  I still wanted to share as this is the only tote that I purchased and it was worth the review!

I didn’t capture a good detail shot of this top but it’s a snakeskin print and very silky.  I ended up wearing this top a lot during the summer as it was so easy to slip on and pair with shorts or a skirt.  I will transition it to fall with dark skinny jeans and a blazer so I love that I can use it for all seasons.

Golden Tote top | Madewell Shorts | Louboutin Heels

When I took this blouse out of the package, I didn’t think I would like this.  It didn’t really seem like my style but when I tried it on, it ended up being one of my favorite items.  I love the slightly sheer fabric and the ruffles on the front.
Golden Tote Top | J Crew Shorts | Prada Heels
I didn’t end up wearing this top a lot, the embroidery detail at the top wasn’t really my style but I didn’t hate it so was fine keeping it and working it into my wardrobe.
Golden Tote Top | Madewell Skirt | Louboutin Heels
I posted this on one of my weekly outfit posts and just wanted to post it again as this lace top was one of my picks from the tote.  I love the lace top and wore it so much all throughout the summer.  The only thing was fit as it only came in a Small and I think an XS would’ve fit better.  The other item I chose was a cardigan and actually it was my least favorite item.  I didn’t feature it here because I already gave it away, it just was not cute on me.
Golden Tote top | Target Skirt | Prada Heels

I had one more top that I forgot to photograph but to sum it up, out of the 6 items I was sent, 1 item I hated, 2 I loved and 3 that I liked so not a bad ratio and for $149 I felt like it was worth it.  The quality of all the items was definitely on par with J Crew or what you’d find at Nordstrom.  I almost expected Forever 21 quality for that price but was pleasantly surprised when I received the items.  And like I said, I’ve worn some items quite a few times and have not had issues with shrinking after washing or loose seams or anything like that.

The site itself was very easy to navigate and I do like a lot of the styles that they offer.  I just caught a look at their current line up and love practically everything!

Shipping was slow for my tote but I think they updated it where they ship every week now.  When I ordered, they were only shipping once a month I think so I waited a few weeks to get mine.

My biggest concern for the selection is that none of the items were offered in an XS. I don’t feel like I’m that small but in general I’m in XS in all major brands so I feel like it’s something that they should offer.  I had fit problems with all of my tops and luckily it is easy to do some adjusting by tucking things in but I think in person, you could see how some of the tops just hung on me kind of weird.  That’s my biggest reason why I haven’t purchased another tote.  I just took a look and it does look like there are some things offered in an XS so I might try ordering again. 

If you don’t end up wanting to buy the tote, you could always purchase the items individually in their shop but the prices are much higher so it depends if you want to take the risk with the tote or not!  Overall, I do recommend the tote and think that the amount and quality of the pieces was well worth the $149 price and is a great way to update your wardrobe in one easy order.

Disclosure if you use my referral link to subscribe I will get a $10 credit to my account once you sign up you will be able to do the same for your referrals.  I was not contacted or asked to do this review.  

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