Look for less: Glitter Slip On Sneakers

It’s no secret I love anything shiny and covered in glitter.  I was flipping through the J Crew catalog when I spotted these sneakers in the kid’s section.  I’m a size 5 and can fit into kid’s shoes but am not one to actually buy kid’s shoes as they are not usually my style.  Except for these… I was intrigued and wanted to get a pair!

 And then I spotted these Kate Spade sparkles at Nordstrom.

And these leopard and lace ones are so cute!  I love them but yikes, quite pricey for sneakers.  I’m a bit strange as I can pay a lot for heels and boots but when it comes to flats or sneakers I can’t quite stomach the high price tag!

But then…. I went to Target and just happened to walk by the shoe section to spot these fab glitter slip ons for $20! They are actually kid’s shoes so I tried on a few to check my size and the size 3’s fit perfect for me.

They also come in 2 other colors.  I think the glitter makes them a bit stiff so it’s hard to get on at first but once they are on, they fit well and are quite comfortable.  I haven’t noticed any glitter fall out but I only wear shoes outside and I’m not looking to see if there is glitter on the sidewalk.  I saw online that they go up to a kid’s size 6, which if I fit a 3 I would suspect this might fit up to a women’s size 8?  For $20, they are well worth the price!

They also have them in leopard that I seriously contemplated getting (and I may actually go back to get them!).

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  • Elizabeth Seeds
    September 8, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    I LOVE the glitter and the embellishments!! Glitter is the way to go this fall!