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Lookbook: Lace & Scallops + LOFT Lace tee review

7:00 AM

It's been a crazy few weeks and haven't had time to put together my weekly outfit posts (or even take photos of my outfits) so that will have to come later but wanted to share my latest favorite buy, this lace tee!

What I'm Wearing
LOFT Lace Tee - looks like it also come in a tank top version that's really pretty
GAP Shorts - also love these coral scalloped shorts, so cute!
Miu Miu Sandals - (old) similar by Jimmy Choo or a great look for less, I'm loving the blue too!
t+j Designs Crossbody bag - our new collection includes some adorable new bags!  I can't get enough of this bag, it's tiny but it fits my keys, iphone, credit card holder and a lipgloss perfectly. 

I haven't shopped at LOFT in a really long time but I walked by their store and a few things caught my eye so I went in  to get a closer look.  I ended up being pleasantly surprised by how many things I was loving!  I bought quite a few things during their labor day sale and this top quickly became a favorite.   For a $40 top (and now on sale for 40% off!) it's well worth it.  The lace is a gorgeous material and is not cheap feeling at all.  I'm thinking I need a burgundy cami to go underneath as I love the look on the model.  The color is so great for fall and will look great underneath a blazer and paired with a leather skirt.  Sizing I went with a XS and it fits true to size.

I also wanted to share the Blue Underlay Lace Tee as I got it in the same order and love it too.  I like the burgundy top better as I think the fit and the lace is better but this one is still really cute and although it's a bit pricier I think it's because the lace is more intricate and it comes with the underlayer which is a nice thick material.  Sometimes I find that underlayers that come with tops can be quite flimsy but this one is thick and holds it shape.

I've stopped shopping at J Crew as much, mainly because I just haven't loved their styles lately but I've always thought that J Crew had great quality for the prices.  I'm going to have to say that LOFT may have to be my new J Crew.  I'm really impressed with the quality and pricing.  I've heard a lot about their petite sizing and have had a few readers ask me about trying any petite lines.  However, although I'm in the "petite" category (I'm 5'2" if you were wondering) I don't actually like wearing the petite sizing (for some reason, petite fit is weird on me) so I stick with the regular sizing and it works fine for me!

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  1. because petite isn't a height qualification, it's a proportion thing-- so you can be short but be proportioned like a taller person and thus not really fit into petite sizing!

  2. The scalloped edges and the lace work well together :) Great OOTD




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