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A modern dog toy: support my brother's kickstarter!

7:00 AM

I wanted to proudly share my brother and his girlfriend's kickstarter project!  They created a puzzle dog toy called The Odin (named after their adorable corgi) to fill the need for a toy that was durable, fun and also beautiful. The Odin gives dogs the mental and physical stimulation they need, while looking great in your home.

Here's a video so you can find out more about the toy and how the created it:

The dog toy is not yet in production as they are looking for support through their kickstarter.  There are a limited amount of Early Backer discounts, so if you love the toy, make sure to get in early to save. They would love your help to kickstart their business and help them with their mission to make happy dogs and happy homes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Tiff! We already saw someone back us from you :)



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