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Cozy Sweaters: must haves for your closet

7:00 AM

I love all kinds of cozy sweaters and pairing them with jeans, over dresses and layering with them and I try to keep my eye out for different kinds of sweaters to mix things up throughout the season.  Here are my top picks for must haves to add to your closet if you don't already have them.

1. A little simple ombre effect gives the sweater a nice dimension and I like that it fades to black at the bottom so it can give your waist a bit of a slimming effect.  Sometimes cozy sweaters can overwhelm your frame and make you look bigger so a detail like that is always nice to have.

2. Striped sweaters are a staple of course but I love it paired with plaid.  It just seems like the perfect fall combo to me.  You can try a striped sweater with a plaid scarf or even a plaid skirt.

3. I love the simple look of a crewneck sweater but I like the added detail of the contrasting thread here.  It just gives it a more stylish look and can easily be dressed down with a pair of jeans and booties, or dress it up to work with a pair of slim black trousers and pumps.

4. The long cardi can often be the best thing that you can bring on an airplane but it also works well when you find yourself for the fall when it's not yet cold enough to bring out your warm jackets.  I love layering it over a dress and tights too.

5.  I've never been one for turtlenecks but I'm loving these turtlenecks that are a bit more relaxed fit. Kind of like a cowl neck but I like that this one stays up by your neck rather than at your collar.

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  1. Amazing sweater! The oversized look is my favorite this year!

  2. Love the look of a ombre sweater too as the color gradient is so aesthetically pleasing! Beautiful collection of sweaters and thanks for the recommendations!




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