Currently: On my desk

In my office, my essentials are always my macbook pro (I use this hard case
to protect it) and notebook/notepads.  I have a bad obsession with cute stationary.  I can’t help but want it all! 

Custom Notepad: May Designs 
Like a Boss notepad:
Charm and Gumption
Jewelry: t+j Designs

What’s on my makeup counter:  A few new things mixed in with old favorites.  I previously mentioned that I had ordered a Memebox and I’m still trying out the things that I got but am in love with everything so far. 

skincare: all from MEMEBOX

This is what I call my accessories desk, I keep all of my accessories here but trust me when I say I have so much more jewelry than this, I have an extra tall dresser that I keep the rest in.

 all jewelry: t+j Designs
gold magnet board: Lindie and Co.
Sunglasses from top to bottom: 

Here’s a close up of the Hammock and Palms sunglasses that I got.  I love them!  They are made of bamboo and SO lightweight.  They even float so perfect if you are going to be by the water!  Of course I’m not by the water too often but I love the wood looking frames and how great they look with all my outfits.  We have these crazy bright days when the sky is super clear and so driving I always need a pair of sunnies with me. I love that these can go into my bag without adding weight or bulk.  They come with a cute bamboo case that’s cute for display but not for carrying around.  Luckily they also come with a soft pouch so you can pop in your purse without worrying about them getting scratched.

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  • Elizabeth
    October 23, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Loving all these accessories!