Fall Nail Colors (and a how to with Press On nails)

I’ve been a shellac lover for quite some time now.  I love that it never chips and I can go 3 weeks without having to worry about my nails.  However, this past month or so I’ve had no time to visit the nail salon and re-discovered how much I actually enjoy painting my own nails.  I’ve had bright pink or glitter nails all summer so it’s a nice change to have some darker and muted tones on my nails lately.

All the rings I’m wearing in this post are from my jewelry line!

It may be an old trend to paint your nails with different color but I still like to do it occasionally.  I liked the dark navy but it was a bit too dark for me so brightened it up with the purple without the color standing out too much.

Revlon – Urban (navy) | Zoya Lael (purple)

I have a love for gray nails and this gray may be the most perfect gray that I’ve found.  You can see another shot of it on my instagram.

I found myself with 3 broken nails and they all broke so short that I just had to file them down.  But I didn’t want to chop all my nails down to nubs so I went out and
bought some press on nails!  I have to say, since the last time I looked
at press on nails (many years ago!) there are some really neat and
realistic options out there!  I went with these as they are supposed to
give the look of gel nails and really similar to how my shellac
manicures look.  I have small fingers and nail beds (I wear a ring size 3
– 4 on most fingers) so I wasn’t expecting these nails to fit right
from the box.  I will say, they did have some good small finger size options – they
come in a box of 24 nails and lots of different sizes to choose from.


My Press On Nail tips:
1) find the nail size that best fits your nail bed and then file them down on all sides to the size that fits your finger best
the entire nail was much too long for me so I filed them down until
they got to a length that would look natural on my fingers. I don’t
recommend cutting these nails unless you are experienced with cutting
fake nails.  Filing is much easier to do.
3) Don’t use the
adhesives that come with these if you plan on wearing them for more than
a day.  They popped off pretty easily on me.
4) The glue is strong and will last quite a few days.  I wore them for 4 days without them budging.
Don’t expect to do things like open a can of pop, they are stuck to
your nails but they also aren’t really your nails so I don’t know how to
explain it but it was just harder to do some things where you needed to
actually use your  nails.

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  • Elizabeth Seeds
    October 8, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    I am in love with all three of those colors and your rings are perfect!

  • Julisa
    October 8, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    I love dark nails for Fall.. I've been really into gray as well. Cute rings <3

  • prudence yeo
    October 9, 2014 at 7:41 am

    I have never used gray as my nail color before but am going to try as it looks so good on your nails! Love your ring collections too, especially the cute bow and edgy tiered ones!