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Handbag Wishlist

7:00 AM

Inspired by my previous post of the handbag giveaway, I had to re-visit my handbag wishlist.  I was actually shopping for a new bag this summer but could not settle on one.  I still haven't decided and am still shopping around.  It's so hard to decide especially since bags are usually such an investment I can't just make a quick decision!

Here are the ones I've been eyeing:

{hover over the image to take you to the product}
top left: YSL \\ Clare Vivier
top right: Chloe
bottom left: Phillip Lim \\ Ferragamo
bottom right: Prada \\ Prada

I adore mini bags and cross body bags especially when I'm heading out with my daughter.  It's nice to grab a small bag with just my necessities and not worry about carrying my daughter with a big ol bag on my shoulder.  I am leaning towards the YSL just because I saw it at Nordstrom and fell in love!  But the mini version of my Prada Saffiano tote is so cute!  I adore my Chloe bags and this crossbody is just the right size.  I still love gray bags and the Ferragamo is a beautiful classic bag that I know I would carry for many many years.

And because I can't get enough, here's more bags that I'm loving!  So many gorgeous options out there, I figure I better look at all my options before I commit to a new bag.

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  1. The grey and silver winter totes are gorgeous! When you carry a small crossbody bag when you're out with your daughter, do you have a separate diaper bag that you carry too?

    Jemily Life

  2. What a gorgeous selection of bags! Especially love the hot pink YSL bag, it's such a beauty!




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