Memebox Collaborations – What’s in the box!

I’ve talked about Memebox a few times before and it really is my latest makeup/skincare obsession.  This is actually my second and third box (you can see a few of the items I received in my first box in my post here).  Memebox is not a subscription box in that you purchase a subscription and then you just get a surprise box each month.  Memebox is simply just a box of cosmetics/skincare that you choose what you want, when you want it and you’re not committed to any type of subscription.  All the items are Korean brands and supposedly some of the more popular items in Korea that they pick to be in boxes. 

They’ve been doing some fun collaboration boxes with beauty youtubers and I got two of them.  I admittedly don’t watch youtube videos often so do not know the youtubers involved in the collaborations but being on their site, I know that these collabs go quick so I wanted to see what the fuss was about!  In fact, the collab boxes are currently sold out.  I just got my box last week so I’m really not that late on my review but I still wanted to show you guys just because their site has so much variety and it’s fun to see what’s in the boxes!

First is the Samantha Schuerman x Memebox.  I love that this box included a little bit of everything from makeup to skincare to hair.  I absolutely love what came in this box.  I’m not going to do a review of everything as I still have yet to use it all but for $23, you get all of this!  All full size products and just a fantastic variety of products to try out.  I just love Asian cosmetics, the packaging is just so fun!  So far I’m loving the “Too Cool for School” blush and the Butter Cream Lip Mask which has really been helping moisturize my dry lips from this cold weather.  The pigments are gorgeous too and add a fun bit of sparkle to your eyelids without being too much.

Here’s the Vagabond Youth x Memebox.  This one was just make up products, but still a variety of products.  I’m loving the glitter eyeliner.  It’s just a hint of gold which is fun to layer on top of my regular black liner.  And the lip color is super long lasting!

I am just a huge fan of Memebox.  I love trying out new products and especially with it being all Korean brands, it would be hard to get over here so it’s fun to try out things that I would never be able to buy here.  There’s so many new boxes that they come out with monthly and it’s fun to see the different themes.   I may order the All About Brows and the Hair Salon box next!  Each box is around $20-$30 which considering I usually spend that much on one or two products, it’s pretty awesome to get a whole box full of stuff for that price!

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  • MizzJ
    November 17, 2014 at 8:08 am

    The Vagabond box looks so fun!