6 Must-Follow Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow for 2015

Maybe it’s because I’m a visual person, but using Instagram to inspire myself towards my health and fitness goals seems a lot more effective than, say, reading a block of text in a magazine about polymetrics.

It’s also a sneaky method of motivation. I’ll be scrolling through my feed and run across a shot from a #fitspo account naturally amongst the other accounts I follow. This New Year’s, check out some of my favorite accounts to follow for a daily dose of wellness throughout 2015.

First off, food, because we all love it. What I like about @caitsplate is how simple and balanced her meals are. They’re realistic and packable, perfect for lunch ideas. Her photography is also just spot on rustic and simplistic.

Sometimes it feels like not making it to a gym means giving up on working out. Not true. This year I’m making an effort to get in even just 10 minutes daily with @dalispaige’s awesome, extensive collection of tutorials.

Greek yogurt is a nutrition and fitness game changer (Get in that protein!), which is why the @chobani account is such a fun follow. Be prepared for super creative recipes and snack ideas like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles!

@bagsandbunnies is a gorgeous Australian that’ll kick your booty into shape with jaw-dropping selfies that will make you want to get those crunches in and a good mix of fun beach photos and yummy, healthy food shots.

The girl behind the Bikini Body Guide, @kayla_itsines’s page is a great follow for quite possibly the best motivational photos on Instagram. Even if you’re not using her guide, which she sells as ebooks, it’s still a huge mental encouragement to see hundreds of progress pictures from hardworking girls all over the world.

Some of my favorite food photography is from @nutritionstripped. Her recipes, which she features on her blog, take healthy eating to a whole new level. Everything always looks delicious, and of the things I’ve made, taste delicious as well.

What are some of your favorite instagram accounts for health, wellness and fitness?

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