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I’m needing to get back into a good workout routine so of course the one thing that motivates me is new workout clothes.  I think good workout clothes (meaning proper fit and material) makes a big difference so I like to try out different styles and brands to find out what I like.

Here are my favorites and what I recommend:

A jacket is obviously not necessary unless you are running or exercising outside but I’m vain and I like to have a nice jacket that goes with my nice workout gear rather than just tossing on an old sweatshirt.  I’m a huge fan of any of the Lululemon jackets but the Forme Jacket is my favorite.  It’s pretty fitted and I’m typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops but sometimes I size up in this jacket as I think it gets too tight with the layers that I wear underneath.  I recently got this jacket from Lorna Jane and I love the color and the material.  I wear it when I take the dogs out for a walk and it keeps me warm.

I only work out in tank tops, I can’t stand long sleeves or even short sleeves as I feel like I get too hot and nothing is worse than being too hot when you are working out.  The Cool Racerback tank has been a favorite for years.  I have about 10, no joke, all different colors and patterns.  I know, seems excessive but I used to work out 4-5 times a week and so I needed a lot of tops.  It’s the most comfortable, stays down (I hate it when tops ride up when you are working out) and is long enough to cover your butt.  I mostly wear it to yoga but it works fine for strength training or cardio as well.  It’s probably the most versatile top.

I always love the colors of Lorna Jane tops and this mesh tank is nice and lightweight.  I like their designs as they always have more stylish details like the pattern and the open back.  For tops like this I like to add a contrasting sports bra to make it more fun.

The singlet is nice because it doesn’t stick to your body so if you are feeling a bit flabby on some days it’s a good top to wear.  I usually don’t like to wear it to yoga since it moves too much and can fall over easily when you are in various positions but for running and other cardio it’s a fantastic top to wear as it’s flowy and doesn’t cling to you when you get sweaty.

Leggings make the biggest difference in workout.  I remember when I used to work out in any old cotton leggings and thought it was fine. It wasn’t until I invested in a pair of leggings truly made for working out that I thought “what have I been missing out on?”  You don’t sweat through them, you don’t have to pull them up as you are running (as long as you get the right fit for your body) and it really just holds you in at all the right places.

I’m a big fan of the Wunder Unders and have quite a few pairs but the Zella leggings are a good option as well, the price is also much better than the Wunder Unders which sometimes I feel like I pay way too much for.  I love the capri version for running and strength training when I end up getting a lot more hot and sweaty.

I also picked up a new pair of Nike’s that I love.  I’m pretty loyal to Nike for my workout sneakers as my husband is basically a Nike collector 🙂  But I loved the print of these Nike Free 5.0 and they are super lightweight so perfect for a number of different activities.

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  • prudence yeo
    December 5, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Comfortable and chic sportswear does motivate me to engage in exercise too! Thanks for the recommendation as featured!