Forever Young: My tips on staying and feeling young

I try my best to stay young.  I try to eat healthy, work out as often as I can and make good choices in life.  I’ve teamed up with Olay today to share my tips on staying “forever young”.  Back when I was working in the corporate world, stress really affected me and I think aged me the most.  When I started to do yoga was the turning point of when I was able to manage my stress and learn how to relax.  I love yoga for that and beyond that it’s a great workout and pushes you to do things you never thought your body could do.  It’s like a relaxation but also a challenge which is something that I love.  I do think that finding something like yoga has helped me stay and feel “young” as opposed to when I was just stressed out all the time and felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.  It’s funny, being an entrepreneur brings a whole new set of stresses.  No stability, no steady income, terrible insurance plans that cover nothing – so don’t ever get sick – and on and on… But I’ve come to love those stresses and would not change anything.

My workout essentials

Ever since I had a baby, my diet hasn’t been the best.  I used to eat a lot healthier but I also had a lot more time on my hands to make delicious healthy meals.  Now when I do have time to make dinner, I just want to make old favorites that my husband and I crave.  I’ve been trying to keep my lunches pretty healthy and when I simply don’t have time, I’m all about the juices and smoothies.  I use fruit and vegetables and to thicken up the smoothie I either add half an avocado or tofu.  It works wonderfully and doesn’t affect the taste at all.  My favorite “power food” for years now has been chia seed which I add to my smoothies and I swear adding it to my smoothie keeps me full for a long time.  The best part about making smoothies is that I can make a big batch to share with my daughter and she gets all her fruits and veggies in her meal too.  As she’s gotten older and more opinionated she is no longer a fan of the veggies as she once was.  (I, of course, make her a full meal along with her smoothie.)

My little one though, is what keeps me forever young.  She makes me happier than anything in the entire world and just playing with her, chasing her around and hearing her giggle keeps me feeling young.

My mom taught me about proper skincare since I was a teenager and it really has made an impact on me.  I try to take really good care of my skin as I definitely want to stay looking young even when I’m not.  I’ve been using the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and it’s so much more than just a moisturizer.  My skin has gotten a bit drier since the weather changed so I’ve needed more of a cream than the lightweight moisturizer I was using.  I love the smooth texture of the cream and how it goes on so smoothly but really feels like it’s sinking into my skin and helping it keep the moisture in.  I love that it also helps with fine lines and wrinkles which is something that I’ve been concerned about recently as I’ve been noticing more and more popping up.  The skin around my eyes has been getting a little bit more saggy and a few more wrinkles and I’ve notice a bit of an improvement around my eyes after using this for a few weeks.  I highly recommend trying this out if you have skin like mine and are looking for a moisturizer that’s able to take the dryness out of your skin while helping with your fine lines.

Olay is a worldwide leader in skin care and has been trusted by women for over 60 years, maintaining its founding philosophy: to maintain a deep understanding of women’s changing needs and to combine products that fit their needs with the latest advances in skin care technology. Regenerist was created along those lines to address women’s anti-aging needs, and millions of women have tried it and loved it, making Regenerist the #1 anti-aging moisturizer.*
*Based on Nielsen data week ending 2/1/14. 

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  • prudence yeo
    December 4, 2014 at 7:39 am

    It can indeed get really stressful being an entrepreneur so learning to relax through exercise and healthy diet is so important! Thanks for sharing your experience and your daughter is so adorable!