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New Swimsuit!

7:00 AM

My husband and I are so used to planning vacations and getting away a few times a year but with the last few years where I was pregnant and also my business being super busy, we just haven't had the time.  We are really trying to plan something for 2015 and I'm super excited!  Just in the early planning stages but thinking we will go to Maui or at least somewhere in Hawaii.  We are still debating on if we will bring our daughter, any tips from those of you who have brought little ones to Hawaii?  I'm not so worried about the flight as it's not that long of a flight and we've flown with her before but thinking of while we are there and then having to bring a carseat/stroller, crib, etc... And also any fun activities to do with her other than go to the beach!

I've been shopping for swimsuits and came across this site, Sunbain, that has the cutest suits!  I ordered this bandeau bikini and it just came.  I love it, it's so adorable!  I love bandeau bikinis so you don't get the halter or shoulder tan line that you can get with other styles.  I love the ruffles and the fun print!  I ordered the size small and fit is great, however I do wish they offered an XS in the bottoms (not much junk in the trunk over here!). 

Here's how it looks on the model:

Here's a few other picks I contemplated getting...

They're all such different styles but love them all.  I know it seems like super early to be shopping for swimsuits but thought I'd get it in early.  Plus shopping for swimsuits and thinking of hawaii just makes me happy in this cold dreary weather we are having!

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  1. I actually brought my son on vacation to Maui last April! (we've been to Oahu in the past, sans bebe!)

    I found it to be very baby friendly! We were actually flying from Montreal-Vancouver-Maui, so FOR SURE we did not want to lug around all the baby gear. We actually rented the car seat, stroller, a baby beach tent and baby jumper from a local company called Maui on the Fly. Really nice ladies, very accommodating. They met us at the airport to drop off the car seat and stroller (we rented a frame type stroller and brought our own umbrella style stroller which was a Quinny - amazing stroller by the way).

    We stayed at a condo hotel (a hotel room that was owned by someone who rented it out to us which is quite common apparently) and it came with high chair and packnplay. A lot of the hotels on Maui that we looked into offered similar options for free, or some for a small rental cost.

    The only thing I found challenging in Maui is that a lot of things were a bit of a drive away (well, the things we wanted to do anyway) and so we did a lot of driving of at least 20mins to get from one place to another. Our babe is usually quite good in the car, but after awhile, he would get fussy, so be prepared with lots of snacks, toys, videos, music etc!

    Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for your insight! I really appreciate it and I will definitely look into that company to rent the gear. I've traveled with the car seat and stroller and did the whole check at the gate thing so I don't mind but renting is always a good way to go! The condo hotel sounds great, we are looking into that option too. And thanks for the tip on the driving. Will keep that in mind. Was there anything that you guys did that you really loved? Would love to know! :)

  2. We're also from the Seattle area and we took our two kids to maui in Sept (ages 3 and 7mos). The hotel provided the crib and rollaway, and we used a rental company for some other gear and found the price to be very reasonable. We brought our own carseats which we used on the plane and in the rental car (I don't trust baggage handlers with carseats!) Our hotel had its own beach and beach crew, so it was super helpful that they set up chairs, umbrellas, and towels for us - less stuff to lug around! But if you have the chance to go w/o your little one, I'd say go for it!

    1. HI Diana! Thanks so much! Ahhh you guys brought your toddler and your baby? I am so impressed! Thanks for the tips, I will look into the rental company for the gear. Do you mind sharing what hotel you stayed at if you liked it? I always like hearing people's recommendations.

      Thanks so much, I'm so excited to be taking my daughter to Hawaii, I think it will be so much fun!

  3. Love the cute ruffle design of the bikini set, absolutely pretty! Your other picks are gorgeous too!


  4. Such a cute swim suit! I love that more and more cute choices are being made available.

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