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Update your Beauty Cabinet for 2015

6:00 AM

Although it feels like pulling teeth to get started, I always feel happy after doing some cleaning. There’s no time like the New Year’s to do it too. For starters, I like going through my beauty drawer and tossing old products so I have an excuse to go shopping for new ones!

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Replace your old, cracked clay masks this year with the hottest ingredient on the skincare market: mud. These mud masks clarify the skin while being super hydrating and actually targeting anti-aging problem areas.
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We all have a heavy-duty night cream that we only pull out for when our skin feels extra dry. Instead, incorporate an overnight facial product into your skincare regime. They’re essentially as potent as masks, and extremely hydrating, acting overnight to combat your skincare concerns.
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As far as I’m concerned, tugging at your eyes with a cotton-ball soaked with makeup remover is so last year. Oil-based cleansing oils remove everything in seconds while actually nourishing your skin. 
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Again with the benefits of oil, I can’t recommend pure facial oils highly enough. They make perfect replacements for serums, which can sometimes be too strong. Your skin will drink up the antioxidants and nutrients in these oils for the healthiest, prettiest glow.
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Kylie Jenner put lip liner back in style, and it’s not going away for 2015. Skip the lipstick and just fill in your lips with a creamy lip liner for a chic matte lip look that accentuates the natural contours of your lips.

What are some beauty products you’ll be trying this year?

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