Lipstick Queen Bete Noir and Queen Bee

I think I mentioned this before but I’m on a lipstick kick so I’ve been trying out all sorts of new lipsticks.  I’ve wanted to try out Lipstick Queen forever as I’ve heard a lot about the line and I’ve always loved the name and the pretty packaging, I just haven’t had a chance to until now! 


This is the “Bete Noire” collection and the colors are a lovely deep “black cherry” shades.  Possessed Sheer on the bottom and Possessed Metal on the top.  Now I
typically go for the nudes or the pinks so this is quite a different
look for me but I thought it was quite the appropriate color to wear
during the winter while it is still so cold.  I been gravitating towards
all black in my wardrobe lately so I’m loving the darker lip paired
with the look.
The color of these lipsticks are not just beautiful in the tube they are just as gorgeous on.  I also love the formula, for Possessed Metal, it’s very smooth going on but then it slighlty dries to your lip (but not in a bad – I need chapstick kind of way) so that the color stays to your lips and lasts for hours.  Possessed Metal has a very pretty metallic gold to it so that when it catches the light it gives your lips a bit of a different shade.  Posessed Sheer is a much more lightweight lipstick, it goes on very smooth and creamy and very easy to layer.  
I take weird lip selfies so I don’t have any photos of it on me but I grabbed this from Ulta’s website and the colors are very true to this on me as well.
I also tried out Queen Bee which is a lip treatment.  Kinda like a super amped up chapstick.   It’s enriched with Royal Jelly and contains chamomile and sunflower to help soothe chapped lips.  This is now permanently part of my handbag essentials, I have to carry it with me everywhere.  The best part (I think) is that it’s a bit of a gold shimmer so even when you are not wearing lipstick and just need this to help with your chapped lips you’ll get a pretty shimmer to your lips!
(If you are wondering I got two Possessed Sheers, I didn’t try Possessed Intense hence why there’s no review on that color)

You can get the Bete Noir lipsticks at LipstickQueen and Ulta and Queen Bee at LipstickQueen and Space NK

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