Lookbook: All black and Adora Bag Review

I’m not a homebody. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my time at home but during the day and on the weekends, I’d rather be out and about than be at home, unlike my husband who prefers to stay at home and just relax.  Nothing wrong with that of course but I just like to be out whenever I can. He’s learned to love it though and he goes out with us whenever he can so we can all spend some quality time together. Our daughter has taken on my quality of
needing to be out at all times.  She gets super fussy if she doesn’t
leave the house for the day. And so on the weekdays
while my husband is at work, she’s out with me or our nanny and on the
weekends we are out all the time. 


J Crew Sweater | J Crew Pixie Pant | t+j Designs Tassel Necklace | Prada booties (similar) | YSL bag (mine is the 1st edition of this bag which they discontinued when they became Saint Laurent instead of YSL) | Adora bag

Being that I’m out with my daughter a lot, I wanted to find a diaper bag that I
wouldn’t mind carrying around everywhere.  I also don’t use the diaper
bag as a purse, which I know some moms do.  I prefer to carry my own bag
so that usually means I’m carrying around two bags and a baby.  I
didn’t like the traditional diaper bags.  I found that they were too bulky and just didn’t find any that
fit my style.  I also felt like they all came with too many pockets and doodads that I didn’t need/want.  I just wanted a simple tote.  I was carrying my LV
Neverfull for awhile but then it made me nervous as I would leave the
diaper bag in the car sometimes and I didn’t want somebody to think that
I left my purse in there and they would break into my car for it.  So I
went looking for a less obvious but still pretty bag when Adora reached
out and asked me if I wanted to try out one of their bags.  I
immediately said yes as I loved the look of the sleek black tote and that it had nice long handles so that you could wear it on your
shoulders pretty easily.

The bag is made in Italy of Italian leather and I can tell you it really is a high quality leather.  It’s been a few months since I’ve used it and I can honestly say that it is one of the best totes I’ve ever owned.  Being that it’s taken quite a beating from being thrown around in the car, stroller, at restaurants, playgrounds and so much more it still looks perfectly new. I use this diaper bag organizer inside the tote and the two make a perfect combo.  The organizer has a zipper so I don’t have to worry about anything falling out of the tote. Even with the organizer inside I still have plenty of room to carry other things inside when I just want to quickly throw things into it.  There’s also a removable pouch on the inside, where if I needed to, could keep my credit cards and license in if I didn’t want to bring a purse with me.
The shoulder straps actually stay on your shoulders and it’s a nice sturdy bag that keeps the structure.  It’s a big bag but not overwhelmingly big.  Nobody looks at it and thinks it’s a diaper bag so they are always surprised when I tell them that’s what I use it as.  Of course it’s a tote so you can use it as anything you want and I think it would be a great travel bag or work bag as well.  You could easily fit a laptop and so much more in there. 

As you can see my little one was running around in the background of my photos so I couldn’t get too many photos as my husband and I were trying to keep an eye on her but I had a chance to sneak a few in with her 🙂  This little sweetheart is my world – she just makes me so happy!

A big thank you to Adora for sending me the bag.  Even if they didn’t send it to me I still would have bought it myself, I really do love it!  Oh and the best part?  My husband is happy with it too!  He often has to carry the bag when I have my hands full with her and he has never once complained about having to carry this bag.  I’ve gotten a few questions about what I carry as my diaper bag so I hope this helps and I’ll cover what I carry inside the diaper bag on another post!

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  • Rachel Dinh
    February 12, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Great Classics Bags!


  • prudence yeo
    February 13, 2015 at 2:01 am

    Love how spacious the bags look, very practical and classic pieces!


  • Carolyn Voong
    February 17, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    A lovely post, your daughter is the spitting image of you! And the bag looks great 🙂 I use the Storksak Elizabeth bag and chose it because it doesn't look like a changing bag, I'm not a fan of obvious plastic-y ones! Carolyn