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Pacifica Roll on Perfume and Mineral Mascara Review

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I got a fun package in the mail last week from Pacifica, a brand that I've loved for awhile now.  When I opened it up I saw this pretty box and got very excited!  What can I say, I'm a sucker for packaging!


Tucked inside was some awesome products that I haven't tried before so I was excited to try them out.

A little while ago my friend told me that her daughter was playing with her makeup and ended up hiding her mascara and since she couldn't find where her daughter hid it, she had to go without mascara that day.  It hit me that that would never happen to me unless my daughter were to hide all 15 of the mascaras I currently own!  LOL!  I love mascara and never can just have one.  I have ones that I use as a base layer and then a top layer, I have ones that are just for volumizing, ones for creating length and ones that do both. I mean I am obsessed!  When I saw that they included this mineral mascara, I was very happy to try it out.
One thing that I love about Pacifica is everything is vegan and made with all natural ingredients.  I think this might be my first mineral mascara that I've tried and it is amazing!  It totally gave my lashes volume and I can do 2 or 3 coats but it doesn't give me clumpy or spidery lashes at all.  Love this formula and how pretty is the packaging too.
I've actually been a big fan of Pacifica perfumes for a really long time.  I buy their solid perfumes to keep in my purse and they are especially handy when flying, since they are a solid you don't have to worry about the 3 ounce rule or about it spilling in your bag. Most importantly you can use it to freshen up a bit after you land so you don't smell like the airplane! 

In my package were Tuscan Blood Orange, Tahitian Gardenia and Hawaiian Ruby Guava perfumes.  The blood orange is my favorite, it's sweet and fruity without being overpowering and just smells so good!  But the others are a close second.  I really love their fragrances as they are all very light and airy and can be worn during the day or night.  It's so hard to describe fragrances but my best description is just simply "delicious!" I mean it's like smelling your favorite flowers or fruits it just smells so good that you almost want to taste it!
These roll on perfumes are perfect to take anywhere as they fit into my handbag without taking up any room (they are about the size of a pen) and in my opinion they seem to last longer than the solid perfumes, so when I'm not traveling I'm taking these everywhere with me!  They currently are 15% off and at only $10 each, it's a good excuse to try out a few of the scents.

I think I'm going to try French Lilac next!

And I thought I'd mention that you can get your very own pretty box as they are offering it free with a $40 purchase on their site.  I love the box as much as I love the stuff that came inside!  I'm currently using it to store these goodies along with a few other lotions and perfumes. 

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