Shopping with me: Sweaters and Shoes

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a dressing room post!  To be honest, I rarely go shopping these days.  I buy almost everything online and when I do go shopping I’m either with my girlfriends and we’re too busy chatting to actually spend time in the dressing room or I’m with my husband and daughter who don’t really have the patience for the time I take in the dressing room (I admit, I take a really long time).  Anyway… I got a chance to go out this past weekend and have some time for myself so I went shopping!  I’m forever a Nordstrom girl so it was my first stop. 

They are doing a fab sale and I spotted a ton of Equipment tops on sale.  Equipment is one of my favorite brands as they mainly do pretty simple sweaters and blouses so everything is super easy to wear. The quality is great and it fits me just right.

I’m a fan of embellishments and love me a cashmere sweater so immediately grabbed this one.  I’m wearing the size small here and I’m okay with slightly big sweaters but with the embellishments I think it will look better fitted so the sales person found the XS at another store and it is on it’s way to me.

Embellished Sweater (Sold out on Nordstrom but found it at shopbop)

Shop the post (click through to see my reviews of these items!)

You can’t see the cute lace detailing on the back of the sweater but it is really pretty.  Equipment is basically known for their silk button downs. They fit really well (look no chest gap!) and are just really well made.  I own a few and love them so I couldn’t resist when I saw this one on sale.
You can’t tell but the stripes have a little bit of sparkle woven throughout.  So cute!  And the hearts sweater was a no brainer for me.  I love heart prints and on a cashmere sweater?  Sold!  The only thing is the heart print sweater is a size M (it was the last one left in the entire company) so I couldn’t get a size down.  I do like the slouchy look but compared the the stripe sweater which is an XS, it just fits me so much better and I would even prefer a small over a Medium but I think I can make it work.
These next pieces aren’t on sale but I just had to try them on.  First these Marc by Marc Jacobs sweaters.
I already posted this on my instagram but I had to show it again as the pink sweater perfectly matches my shoes!  I love this sweater and it’s so warm.  Funny enough, I own a lot of sweaters but none in pink!  I brought this home and plan on wearing it as much as I can while it’s still cold.  I love the floral sweater and the material is a really nice thick knit with almost a sheen to it.  If you are wondering, the jeans I’m wearing throughout the post are these from American Eagle.

I think Kate Spade always does a great job on details, like the sequin stars and the ruffle collar and sleeves.  I don’t have a photo of me in the ruffle sweater but it is really cute on and fits really nicely.  This one is on sale too!
I just love the sequins but they only had a size small which didn’t fit right so I didn’t end up getting it.  I’m obsessed with ripped jeans lately so I tried on these Current Elliot jeans which were cute but not exactly what I’m looking for.  The black sweater looks like a blob here and it is supposed to be a very oversized sweater.  It looks a lot better in person.  I did end up getting it and am going to try to style it without it overwhelming me but we will see!
I headed over to Barneys after Nordstrom and spotted these gray Louboutin pumps that I’m now obsessed with!  They are the Pigalle pumps which I already have in nude and they are one of my favorite styles.  I will say, they are super uncomfortable but so pretty on.


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  • prudence yeo
    February 11, 2015 at 6:50 am

    The star sweater is a really cute piece and love the green rose sweater too, the color is so vibrant and creative!