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Lookbook: Sequin Star Skirt

7:00 AM

Oh yes, another sequin skirt.  But I just love them!  I mean, this sequin star skirt is just the cutest, I want to wear it all the time!  I decided to try to make it a "work appropriate" look since most of the time I save my sequin skirts for night.  I have an unconventional work environment so of course sequins may not be appropriate for all work places but it works for mine, especially since the skirt is our design :) 

What I'm Wearing:
ASOS  Sweater (old) - see below for similar sweater options!
I love graphic tees and sweaters and this cozy little sweater is a fave.  I don't usually stay with a black and white palette.  I love my bright colors!  But with the sequins I didn't want it to be too much. I either work from home or my office (which is about a 45 min drive from my house) depending on what I need to get done.  I needed a change of scenery that day so my assistant and I headed to one of my favorite coffee shops to work and grabbed some photos while we were there.  It's nice to have a change of scenery once in awhile, I felt like it inspired me and was able to come up with some new ideas!
On another note, watch out when working around coffee, jewelry and laptops, I totally spilled my latte all over my laptop!  I had just picked it up from the barista and didn't have the lid on just yet which of course means spills the entire thing all over the place.  Luckily I had my laptop cover on so my actual laptop itself was spared from getting coffee on it, thank goodness! 

My picks for other "Wordy" sweaters

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  1. Such a cute skirt! I love that your shop is expanding into clothes because you gals have a great taste. Would love to work with you one of those days

    Happy Medley Blog

  2. Yikes that's a close call with your laptop! I think I'd have a heart attack if I spilled coffee all over mine haha



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