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Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal - Look for Less

6:00 AM

Crystal covered the skinny sandal trend last month but I had to write about it again as I am so obsessed with the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandal.  I'm ready to make my purchase but still deciding on what color to get.

It is THE shoe for the celebrities and you can tell why as it looks amazing on everyone and makes their legs look a mile long.

Left: Top \\ Bottom
Right: Top \\ Bottom

There's so many similar "look for less" shoes that I'm tempted to get a pair of these as well.  Just don't know which one to get!  I may just have to get a few of them and then do a comparision of each shoe.  I know that they can't compete with the original, but some of these are so darn close that I'm willing to give it a shot!  I think I may go with the nude of the Stuart Weitzman sandals and try out a fun color for the look for less version.

Which color would you choose?

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