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I love a bit of pampering and try to make time for it each week.  Whether it’s getting my nails done, a facial or even an eyebrow wax, it is a bit of an escape for me from work and all the other stresses in life just to make me feel more like me.

If I can’t get away for one of my appointments, a nice long hot shower is always something that I have time for. I love showers and when we bought our house, one of the rooms I was most excited for was our master bathroom and the shower. I have always been a body wash fanatic. It probably started in my teens when I discovered that body wash wasn’t just the boring stuff my mom was buying me, and that I could actually choose some fun fragrances and scents. It’s funny though, I’m not one for scents for most products but for body wash, I love a good scent. I recently tried out this Caress® Adore Forever body wash and it is so, so good! The best part is that the scent stays with you throughout the day thanks to their fragrance touch technology which uses Fragrance Release Pearls™ and releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin. Of course it’s important to like the scent if you’re going to be smelling it all day long, and I love it! There are two fragrances and I tried the Adore Forever™ which is a nice floral scent that is light but also just enough for someone to notice how good it smells. It is so long lasting, and even at the end of a busy day of meetings, organizing our warehouse and then running after my toddler, I’m still smelling great.

I have such a different lifestyle now than a few years ago when I used to have time to go home from work, change, touch up my makeup and go back out. Now it’s just go, go, go with no breaks, no touch ups in between. I’m always looking for products that will last through the day, and I’m so happy to have found a body wash that can do that. I hope all of you busy ladies take some time to pamper yourself. It’s so important, no matter what you like to do, to schedule some time for yourself. I know that for me, when I take even just an hour for myself, it almost feels like it gives me a reset button and I am able to tackle all my tasks much better.

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