March Beauty Faves

This month’s beauty faves are mostly about the basics.  I feel like it’s this time of the year where it’s allergy season and I just don’t want to bother with too much makeup, especially on the eyes (itchy eyes and eyeliner make for a bad combo!)

First off is my absolutely favorite, Murad Invisiblur.  If there’s one thing that I worry about is wrinkles and sagging skin.  I’m all about products that will help prevent or at least slow down the process.  It also has SPF and works as a fantastic primer so I always have it on as the base layer for my makeup.

I love Pacifica.  First of all the packaging is always so beautiful and I love that the ingredients are all natural.  I’m also a huge fan of beauty product wipes.  I use makeup remover wipes every night to get rid of every last bit of makeup on my face.  I tried out two of their makeup removing/cleansing wipes and they are great as they feel very “fresh” on the face and both smell really good, however if you are not a fan of the coconut smell I suggest the other fragrances as the Purify wipes was very heavy on the coconut scent.  The deodorant wipes seem kind of funny at first but after using them, they are a genius idea!  It’s not just for your underarms, I mean after yoga when you need a bit of refresher but don’t have time for a shower, this is an awesome solution and easy to just keep in your bag. 
The BB cream is so nice and lightweight.  It’s just perfect when you need just a little bit of coverage.

I’ve reviewed the NYX Butter lipsticks before (here) and they are still a favorite.  The matte lip cream is a recent fave, I’ve had it for a bit but hadn’t used it until now.  It’s a bit of a drier consistency and I love the matte look.  I’ve been all about the hot pink lips lately so really loving these colors!


And I had to include this polish just because it’s one of the colors that I always bring out when it starts getting more sunny out.  I love wearing pink on my nails during the spring and summer and this one is a pretty neutral pink – it really goes with everything I wear.

OPI NAIL POLISH (Feeling Hot Hot Hot)

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