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Project Summer Body: Week Five

6:00 AM

 For this week’s Project Summer Body story, I thought I’d do an update on what works for me. I’d love to hear about how you guys have been doing and any tips and tricks you have for amping up the intensity since May is almost here, so comment below!

Hands down my favorite way to burn calories are barre workouts. Unfortunately, there aren’t any studios near my school, so I only get to take classes when I’m home. This video demonstrates some staple barre moves that don’t require a bar, which I like to throw into my strength training routine when I hit the gym (or even in my room!)

In recent years cold-pressed juices have become easier to find. I tried the Love Grace line recently and love that they offer unique smoothie-juice hybrids and adorable "shots" of nutrients. They’re also organic, which is extra important since you’re drinking a strong concentration of whatever nutrients (or chemicals!) are present. There's nothing like fresh fruit and juice on a sweltering Summer's day.

What kinds of styles are motivating me to be in my best shape? Definitely swimsuits. I have a drawer stuffed with suits, since it’s beach weather year-round in San Diego. This Triangl one is super form-fitting, so when I’m tempted to give up on the last ten minutes of my run, I think about this bikini and push myself to keep at it!

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