Project Summer Body: Week Four

When the temperature starts rising, I naturally start to crave cold things. That’s great when it comes to frozen grapes (an amazing snack!) but not so great when it comes to gelato and ice cream.

That’s why this Project Summer Body post is going to be focused on the results we want. We all want to feel confident in adorable dresses that show off a lean, strong back, so that’s this week’s motivation for sticking to our goals.

Having a strong back isn’t just about vanity, it’s important to protect our spine. Working your back isn’t as hard as it sounds either. It’s easy to incorporate some moves in with your arm exercises, as long as you have a few weights. Watch and follow this video once for a run-through, but then start mixing two or three of the moves into your weights routine.

Of course I’m going to indulge once in a while. Restricting isn’t a word in my book, and in fact this recipe for matcha banana soft-serve proves that you can “indulge” everyday if you’d like. Matcha is a powerful superfood with tons of antioxidants and bananas are a tasty way to get in some potassium. Try mixing in coconut or dark chocolate chips for more flavors.

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Backless dresses not only look good, they offer some ventilation in 90-degree weather. Maxi or mini, having a toned back (and nice shoulders!) always makes them hang nicer on the body. With the back exercises above and consistently healthy eating, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how to go bra-less for the dress.

How do you like strengthening your back muscles?

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