Project Summer Body Week One

The official first day of Spring has barely passed, which means it’s time to get back on that grind for your Summer 2015 bikini body. I like to think that the earlier I start working towards my goal, the more leeway I have for those inevitable cheat days.

To help keep me present in that mindset, I’ll be putting together these inspiration posts every week or so until Summer. Follow along the series for a rut-busting workout, lean recipe, and motivational dose of fashion.

For my first workout, of course I’ll be doing one by the amazing Tone it Up girls! This video only requires a few basic props like hand weights to complete. Plus it only takes less than 20 minutes to finish and barely any floor space. Getting in even a few moves every day adds up.

Mexican food is my weakness, and those huge flour tortillas used for wrapping my favorite burritos definitely add up in the calorie department. This bowl-style fajita recipe not only cuts on carbs, but it also adds vegan-friendly protein via quinoa. Protein is super important for any fitness goals since it helps you feel satiated longer than carbs and is key for feeding muscles.

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In the Southern California heat, my favorite Summer dresses are itsy bitsy, meaning I need to up the cardio in my routine. I love the sweet styles of these three, which have fun details like lace, halter neck, and a flared hem. Toned arms are also key for warm-weather dresses. The halter style is going to be huge, especially on swimwear, so working the shoulders is a must.

What goals do you have for your Summer body?

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