Project Summer Body Week Two

Continuing on with our series, let’s talk about making your new habits do-able in an everyday routine. Progress is an accumulation of all the daily baby steps, so this week’s post revolves around that theme.

Getting a tight core is one of everyone’s fitness goals, and yoga is an excellent option for helping to achieve that. Tara Stiles, a superstar yogi, leads this 10-minute beginner level practice, which is so easy-to-follow that you can do it every morning for a quick wake up routine.

A warmed-up muffin is one of my guilty pleasures, especially with morning coffee. This recipe is a super healthy version with vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and nutritious seeds that I can switch out with my chocolate muffin for a small decision of the day that I can feel good about. It’s reminiscent of a carrot cake, which just happens to be one of my favorite cake flavors, without the mid-day sugar crash.

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Even with a bikini-ready body, I’m not going to be wearing a bikini all the time. I’ll be living in shorts all Summer long, which is motivation enough to get those gams in shape. These cute picks are currently on my wish list, but hopefully I’ll be buying them in a smaller size. New goal: Always take the stairs.

What small steps do you make daily that add up towards your fitness goals?

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  • Anna D Kart
    April 7, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    I love healthy muffins!

    Happy Medley Blog