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Shopping with me at Nordstrom

6:00 AM

I had an appointment to get my eyebrows shaping/waxing at Queen Bee Salon in downtown.  If you are in the area, go see Alex, she does an incredible job!  The wax they use is made by them and is super gentle.  I highly recommend them!  They just opened their location in Seattle (all their other locations are in California) and the space they are in is very convenient for parking which as you know if you go anywhere downtown that's a rarity! Anyway, since it was so close to the shopping area of downtown, I hopped on over to Nordstrom to do a little bit of shopping.

I ended up trying on a ton of stuff.  I like to take advantage of my time when I'm by myself (rare these days!) and so I loaded up on everything I wanted to try on.  Wanted to share with you the pieces I loved.  I didn't get everything but I wanted to!

First my outfit of the day which was just super casual as I wasn't planning on going shopping.  And yes those shoes are crazy high but they are super comfy, I have no problems wearing them around all day!


This lace blouse is to die for gorgeous.  BUT it is $548!  I'm keeping an eye on it to wait for it to go on sale. 

I love Equipment sweaters and I always scour the sale racks for them.  They are the softest and comfiest and love the fit. Oddly, this is not on sale online but it was marked down to $172 in the store.  The Kate Spade pants were calling me from a mile away!  The heart print is so cute! 
SWEATER \\ PANTS (on sale)

I realized after cleaning my closet recently that I have so many printed tops but very few just solid tops.  I've been on the hunt and I really loved this one.  I'm wearing the size small as they were out of the XS so I came home and ordered it online.  It's so cute and love that slit and that it's longer in the back.
You may have seen when I posted the black version of this dress on instagram.  I adore it and spotted it in pink in the store so grabbed it to try on.  I love it in the pink too!  This floral dress is so adorable in person.  It's a thick scuba like material so it really holds it's shape and the floral print is so pretty.  I am not a fan of the cut out in the middle so I didn't get it but I so wish they would make another dress in this print I would totally buy it.

I like the look of the striped coat but the fit is actually pretty boxy.  (I'm wearing the XS Petite) The photo below is a little deceiving because my arms are kind of holding it in.  I didn't end up getting it but I did love the stripes, still looking for a similar coat with a better fit.  Love the blue sweater with the ruffles!  I love wearing stuff like this when I'm out with my daughter, something simple but with a fun detail that won't get in the way.

Always a fan of stripes and chambray shirts so of course had to grab this top and it's on sale!

The striped dress is perfect for the summer.  I'm sure I'll wear it a lot.  I'm wearing the XXSP which sounds so ridiculous as I know I'm not that small of a person (I'm a size 0 and XS in most other brands) but wanted to let you know in case you wanted to order to size down.  They didn't have the pleated skirt in my size (wearing the size 4 - that's why I'm pinching the sides in) but I wanted to show it anyway as I thought it was really cute and online they do have all sizes available.
DRESS \\ SKIRT (on sale)

I grabbed the pink dress but it was not the right size.  I didn't notice though until I got into the dressing room that the pink one was on sale!   There's quite a few other colors/patterns on sale online but the black and white is still regular price.

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