What’s on my Desk

Let’s be real, my desk doesn’t even come close to resembling this aesthetically organized flat lay. What is real is that these are all things on my desk that I use, love, and can’t imagine getting through a week without.

For those who prefer minimalist interior spaces it may look like too much, but I like that my desk represents my interests and me.

First things first: the necessities. A huge planner with a dedicated page for each day boosts my productivity, but to get a larger picture I also like this weekly desk pad. My favorite pens dry instantly and have an ultra fine tip; perfect for scribbling in these gorgeous gilded notebooks that actually inspire me just by looking at them. 

Keeping this quick-absorbing handcream and yummy-scented lip balm on my desk reminds me to reapply. I take jewelry off when I’m typing, so there are always bracelets on my desk. Perfume bottles equal functional décor. And of course my phone is always near, dressed in this adorable case at the moment.

Now for the real necessities. Just kidding, but snacks are a crucial component of my desktop. My favorite chocolate nibbles are from Trader Joe’s and KIND bars are a staple healthy snack. A reliable coffee mug is a must everyday, and a cute water bottle makes me want to drink more water. 

Inspiration can come from books too, not just the internet. Miles of MAC and Refinery 29 Style Stalking are two of my favorites for a jolt of inspiration.

What are things that you can always find on your desk?

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  • Anna D Kart
    April 28, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    Sadly, I don't even have a desk! I blog on my kitchen table from my laptop so not so glam here lol
    Love your cute calendar

    Happy Medley

    • crystalstylish
      April 29, 2015 at 1:25 pm

      Hi Anna, thanks! It's super useful for getting that snapshot visual of what I have to do each week.