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Healthy Tea Drinking on the Go

5:00 AM

Tea has always been an evening ritual for me, set aside for unwinding after a long day. Thanks to my growing collection, I’ve wanted to try different flavors and drink tea more often, but there are only so many cups you can drink in one evening!

That’s why the new Tea Tank I just got is just so genius and perfect for tea-lovers like me. It’s basically a sturdy double-walled glass bottle with an included tea infuser so you can brew and drink your tea on the go.

Just toss in your favorite loose-leaf tea before work or school, and when you want to drink it, add boiled water for freshly brewed tea. You can also make fruit infused water by putting berries inside the infuser instead of tea. Since it’s double-walled, it keeps your tea hot or iced tea cold for hours. 

Hands down my favorite brand for loose-leaf teas is David’s Tea. Some of my favorites are Forever Nuts, a creamy almond with a slight hint of cinnamon, and Three Wishes, a delicate rosy jasmine. If I feel like sweetening my tea, I’ll add in a few drops of David’s Tea Organic Agave.

Although I know I like the flavors of certain tea, I’m still learning about their various health benefits, which are really fascinating. One that I’ve learned about recently is that pu’erh teas are effective for fighting bloat and suppressing the appetite, which is why I’ve been drinking them on the daily.

Of course, we all know about matcha (a green tea) being the latest trendy superfood for antioxidants. It’s also pretty caffeinated, so I’ll drink it in the morning sometimes instead of coffee. For the most energy though, mate teas have the strongest kick, although I’m not a huge fan of their taste sometimes.

Tell me about your favorite, recommended teas and health tips around tea!

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  1. I like to stay hydrated on the go! This looks like a great product

    Happy Medley

  2. I've been recently getting into rooibos for my evening teas as they're non-caffeinated. DT's pure vanilla rooibos is really good!

    1. Oooh I need to try! I've only ever had their Green Rooibos.



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