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Project Summer Body Week Eight

6:00 AM

Whenever I go to the gym, it’s not the huge linebacker squatting 350 pounds that I’m gawking in disbelief at, it’s the girl who’s logging in mile after mile on the treadmill, running continuously for two hours straight. I’m always amazed at other people’s cardiovascular endurance, considering that I personally find I have very little.

I’ve never been great about staying motivated on cardio machines, which is why I prefer running outside or swimming at the beach. Although I dread the burn of HIIT workouts, they’re still more appealing to me than running on a machine for an hour. This video goes through some basic moves that can easily be repeated through for a longer workout.

When I don’t have a healthy source of carbs to fuel a longer cardio workout (more than 30 minutes), I can definitely feel it. Here’s where quality is super important. Whole grains and sweet potatoes are my trusted sources. This recipe for a hash includes some healthy proteins too for a well-rounded meal.
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It’s not possible to reduce fat in one area alone, it’s a combination of a calorie deficit and some cardio that helps lean the body by reducing overall body fat. The first place I notice any fat loss is definitely in my legs, which is why trying on pants and shorts in smaller size is an effective way for me to track my progress. I love the bohemian styles that are trending right now.

What kind of cardio do you find most effective for your goals?

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  1. All I can concentrate on in this post are those eggs! :)

  2. Hi! I find that a combo of strength training + high intensity workout classes have made the biggest and consistent impact on me. I feel stronger and leaner overall. I am not an expert, but more muscles mean higher metabolism. Muscles use more energy than fat. Here's a blog that I read: https://achievefitnessboston.wordpress.com/

    I hope you have fun on your journey. There certainly isn't one right way, considering we're all different inside and out! :)



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