Project Summer Body: Week Seven

Not all fitness trends are relatable to everyone. For instance, vascularity is something I can appreciate but don’t personally strive towards. On the other hand, a firm, lifted behind? Yes definitely!

Working the glutes consistently is key to achieving that hourglass shape, but it’s not all about squats. This video shows you how pilates moves are just as effective for sculpting a toned butt with just ten minutes. Commit to these every night before you sleep and you’ll definitely see some results. 

The key to getting a fit behind as opposed to a fat behind is feeding the muscles there, which means lean protein. Grilled chicken is a summer BBQ staple, and this recipe kicks up the flavor with honey mustard and rosemary for great taste without many extra calories. Add to salads or pair with veggies and quinoa!

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Having a booty you can feel confident about is key to pulling off that stylish pencil skirt (or any kind of bottoms really!). Perfect for going out with the girls or a dressier dinner date, pair with anything from a blouse to a crop top to change up the look.

What are your best moves for working your glutes?

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