Project Summer Body: Week Six

When it’s this hot outside (finally Massachusetts!), the last thing you want to do is sweat some more. But if not now, then when? Make your way to an air-conditioned gym and tough it out so you can feel hotter than ever when you inevitably take a beach trip this summer.

Everyone has heard about HIIT workouts by now, but maybe hasn’t tried them. I won’t lie; they’re definitely tough, mentally and physically. They’re also so rewarding and really effective for when you’re short on time. This workout takes you on a 40-minute intense circuit. Try working out in your bikini if you’re at home. There’s no better motivation, promise!

Turning the oven on is a major no-no when it’s 80 degrees and up. This pan-seared salmon is done right on the stove-top and takes only a few minutes to cook. The cooling tzatki sauce is packed with nutritious herbs to add some flavor to your brain-healthy salmon. Pair with some brown rice and veggies for a rounded-out meal.

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I can’t get enough of cute bikinis right now. I want them all! These are just four of the many that I’m envisioning myself in. Swimwear designers are really pushing past the basic triangle bikini this season, and I plan on feeling confident as I try on new styles.

How do you deal with the heat when you workout?

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