Scentbird Review – Monthly Perfume subscription

I don’t wear perfume every day but I do love wearing it on occasion.  Because of this, it takes me forever to go through a bottle of perfume.  I recently discovered scentbird which basically is a monthly perfume subscription except instead of an entire bottle, you get a small purse spray of perfume in a super sleek travel case and it’s supposed to last around 30 days!  I loved this idea and knew that it was perfect for me.

The first step is to take a little quiz so they can figure out what kind
of scents you like.  At the end you get to select through various
scents that are similar to what you noted that you like in the quiz. 
You then choose which perfume you want and a few days later, a package
was at my door with my first vial of perfume!  It was perfect timing for
my trip so I carried it on the plane with me and spritzed myself after I
got off the flight.

The makeup illustration is by the super talented Rongrong Illustration
The first scent I got was Roses de Chloe which I loved!  It was a great pick for me and I was glad that it popped up in my picks.  I hadn’t tested it before so was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it.  This month I got Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! which as you can see from my perfumes above I own three other Marc Jacobs scents so I knew that this one would be good for me as well.   You only get the case the first time, the second spray you can see laying in front and all you do is just pull out the old spray and pop the new one into the case!  I still haven’t even gotten through my first month’s perfume, so I’ve just been swapping them out.  There is an option to buy another case for $12.95 and I’m so excited because they now have it in pink!  You know I’m all over that 🙂

A glimpse into what’s in my bag.  As you can see the perfume case is about the size of my lipstick (which by the way is my absolute favorite lip product right now, the color is perfect!) And is perfect to take anywhere.  I just had to share as I think this idea is genius.  I love getting a new scent every month and not having to commit to a whole bottle.  Oh and it’s $14.95 a month which, in my opinion is totally worth it!  Use code PINK15 to get 15% off your first perfume. Check it out here if you are interested!  I highly recommend it.

Perfume Subscription Service

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  • Jane
    May 30, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Awesome idea
    Thanks for the tip and the sticky beak inside! X