The Best Gifts for your Recent Grad

Whether it’s your niece who’s graduating high school or your best friend’s brother who’s graduating college, chances are you at least know of someone who is graduating this year. Although every grad knows that the most useful gift is green and comes in an envelope, it’s more fun sometimes to be the cool relative who gets just the right gift, wrapped in a mysterious package and fun ribbon.

For when you can’t be there in-person but still want to surprise your grad with a sweet gesture (pun intended), these gorgeously packaged Sugarwish boxes that let your recipient choose which candies they want are a super easy option that can be purchased at the last second.

These chic candles are perfect for the college grad who’s just moving into her own home and can’t wait to go crazy personalizing it with the coolest décor. Once you hit your 20s, it’s not too early to start thinking about preventative skincare. This moisturizer works together to treat and prevent.

It’s hard to keep up with the nichest, newest technology, but a new stylish pair of earbuds and an indestructible phone case are everyday necessities that your grad will certainly appreciate. 

Help wean a college grad off their hardcore coffee habits with some seriously yummy and much healthier teas. This green tea set is a fan favorite.

Check out some of these other options. Are you attending any commencement ceremonies this year?

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