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Travel Essentials: What to bring in your carry on

5:00 AM

Going to school across the country from home means I’m traveling cross-continentally at least a few times a year. I’ve learned to pack my bags like a pro, invest in a luggage scale, and pick the perfect airplane outfit.

First things first, the heavy-duty, magically expanding bag. A big fold-able tote like this one is indispensable for as a carry-on. I like bringing a cute but roomy structured purse like this timeless one to make finding my passport and wallet easier.

My Kindle is one of the smartest investments I’ve made for traveling. I’m reading A Streetcar Named Desire now. Of course, I bring along my nerdy-cute glasses since contacts are out of the question on the plane. Healthy snacks (lately I’ve been obsessed with mejdool dates) and a water bottle help me feel less bloated once I land.

For longer rides, I’ll get in some serious skin therapy by slathering my makeup-less skin with a brightening serum. Then, right before I land, I’ll refresh with some wipes and brush on a little powder. It’s a quick fix against the dull, icky feel of airplane air.

Tech-wise. I never forget a portable charger for my phone and comfortable headphones to block out my neighbors. Protecting my laptop with its own case is also important since it gets banged around during security.

What are some of your different travel essentials?

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  1. Oh I hate how I look after traveling! Thanks for the tips

    Happy Medley



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