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Beachy Un-done Hair Tutorial

5:00 AM

When I need to get out the door and be presentable, it takes me all of 20 minutes. I have a go-to outfit, makeup and hair look that I can do with my eyes closed. Of course, if I have more time, I’m going to take every minute.

One Minute: Prime with the Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep to protect my hair from heat and boost with a little volume. Think of it as a heat protectant and conditioning spray in one.

Two Minutes: I’ll start with the style prep, curl my hair then go in liberally with the Aveda Air Control Hair Spray to lock down my style. It’s essential to use your fingers afterwards to comb out too-tight curls for a cooler boho look, though you can get this done while running out the door.

Three Minutes: The Herbivore Sea Mist Hair Spray is a little extra for those days when I’m in less of a hurry. It adds a tiny bit of texture to the hair for an even more lived-in look and scents it with a gorgeous coconut fragrance. I like that this bottle is travel-sized for on-the-go convenience. 
The most basic look is just to curl the hair haphazardly, which takes less time than trying to curl every strand, and finger combing for a relaxed finish. But the additional minute-long steps above really elevate the un-done look to its best.

What is your go-to, quick hairstyle?

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  1. Your hair is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Morgan, thanks! :) Glad you liked.



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