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I recently bought my first co-ord set - a crop top and matching skirt set which I'm now obsessed with.  When I first started noticing them, I wasn't sure that they were for me.  I loved them on others but to be honest, I'm still insecure about my body after having a baby.  Even though I've lost all the baby weight, my body (especially the mid-section) is just not like what it was before.  I ended up seeing cute sets on friends and other bloggers so I decided to just try out the style and ended up loving it!

Even though it's a crop top, I've found that with the design, you can end up showing only a little bit of skin by where you wear the skirt.  For me, it only ends up showing just a little bit of skin between the top and the skirt and so it ends up creating a waistline on me which is something that I need.

I got a set similar to this one and I've found quite a few more that I now have my eye on!  I found ones that aren't crop tops but just matching top and short sets which I think is so cute!  I can't wait to get my order, these are just perfect for the summer!


More sets to shop!

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