New Glasses from Tortoise & Blonde

Since I started wearing contacts, they’ve managed to end up as my default for daily wear, meaning the last time I got new glasses was years ago. Recently, I began noticing that my eyes would feel dry and irritated, so I began looking for a new pair of frames so I could wear my contacts less.

Of course, I wasn’t just going to get any old pair of glasses. With so many trendy, stylish frames available, Tortoise & Blonde really stuck out to me with their extremely competitive price point and high quality production factor. The glasses (frames + prescription lenses + free shipping) are actually less expensive than similar options I can purchase with my insurance.

As someone who’s used to wearing contacts, I was feeling a little self-conscious throughout the frame selection process. It was important to me that I still felt that I looked like “me” with the frames on. I ended up with the Ana, a cute rounded pair in a fun yellow/tortoise color that felt the most natural for my face shape.

The frames are incredibly comfortable to wear since they’re so lightweight. I also have the Hi Index lenses since my prescription is pretty strong, so the lenses are still thin and light. They’re coated with anti-glare UV protective, scratch-resistant coating too so I can wear them anytime/anywhere without worry.

If you live in NYC, stop by one of their pop-up shops at select Urban Outfitters to check out the line!

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